Travel Matters Enterprises is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise with twin objectives: we operate both as a fully bonded Travel Agency and also as a training centre for individuals recovering from mental health problems.

All the proceeds from the travel agency go towards the running costs of the training that we offer, so every booking really does help to make a difference to the community as well as the customer.  We are a member of the Global Travel group, so every travel booking that you make with us is also bonded and secure.

Founded in 1996, Travel Matters Enterprises has operated as an independent Social Enterprise since 2006.

Our goals

Our goals remain the same: to provide high quality and price competitive travel consultancy whilst also providing effective training and helping trainees to achieve positive outcomes.

Our vision

Travel Matters aims to make a difference to people’s lives, building confidence and realising potential.

Our mission

Travel Matters provides a high quality personalised travel service to its customers while also offering a bridge to work for people in the community facing barriers to employment.