Prospective Trainees

To apply for training at Travel Matters you must be referred to us by a recognised referral body or individual.
For example:-

  1. a G.P
  2. a C.P.N.
  3. a CMHT
  4. Employment advisor
  5. Care co-ordinator
  6. Referral agency such as ESRA or REFT

If you wish to be referred but your GP or preferred referral agent is unaware of our services you should just give them our contact details so that they can contact us about our training opportunities. After you have been referred we will ask you to come to a short informal interview at our premises in Redhill when you can decide if Travel Matters is right for you and we can assess whether our training will be of benefit to you. If you still want to go ahead we will ask you to complete a short, simple application form.

If your application is accepted we will offer you a training session on your preferred day or days, depending upon availability.

The application process is simple and straightforward and training is carried out in a relaxed and friendly office environment.

Referring bodies

If you wish to refer a prospective trainee to Travel Matters Enterprises you should contact us to arrange an interview. The criteria for applying for our training sessions are that the individual should be 16 or over, recovering from a mental health problem and not currently in full time employment.*

(* please note there may be exceptions to the rule regarding employment status in cases of individuals signed off from work on long-term sickness.)

Telephone – 01737 789997