Work Experience

Travel Matters Enterprises provides work experience opportunities for individuals recovering from mental health problems in a real work environment.

We have a proven track record in assisting trainees to return to open employment. The training aims to develop self-confidence and self-esteem whilst providing trainees with a structure to their day. The work includes dealing with travel enquiries, making and administrating bookings, dealing with customers (by telephone and email) and general office skills.

All trainees also have the opportunity to develop interpersonal, IT and customer services skills. Trainees attend on a sessional basis for a maximum period of two years, during which time their progress will be monitored and an individual action plan formulated. Prospective trainees should speak to their care co-ordinator, CPN or GP for a referral.

For more information

For more information on being referred for IT training or referring a candidate to us for training please visit the referrals page >